TAMIYA - 1:24

Scale: 1:24
105 pieces molded in white, black, grey, chrome and transparent plastic sprues; 4 rubber tires; 1 decal sheet
Length: 15,6 cm.; Width: 6,5 cm.

A Tamiya model from 1995 and produced in limited edition belonging to the "Historic Car Series”. It has a good level of detail and is injected into white plastic sprue (body, seats, hood, roof canvas and other details), while the chassis, suspension components and other internal parts such as panels of doors are molded in black. The engine is adequately detailed in gray plastic. In a chrome plastic sprue are the mirrors, wipers, door handles and the inside of the headlights. The tires are molded in rubber and transparent sprue of course include the windows, windshield, rear window and headlights. The decal sheet provides the board with the speedometer and other indicators, patent-plates in French-Japanese version and other minor details. As for the kit assembly, we can highlight the option to represent the roof canvas in open or closed positions, as well as the driver's window and the hood. According to other Tamiya kits, suspension movement reproduces the original one. The instructions are explained in 15 steps, also indicating the reference guide to painting with Tamiya colors. While the instructions say as an example beige for the exterior and brown for the interior, is left to the discretion of the modeler the final color of the model. In conclusion we can say that this is a good kit, easy to mount, with which you can get a good result. For those modelers who want to represent the Argentine model of this car, it is sufficient to make some very small changes and not beyond the capacity of anyone with a little experience in this hobby.

By CLICKING HERE you can see this kit assembled by Luis Tonelli, from Monte Grande, Argentina.