Reference:  48/72-042 ARGENTINE CORSAIRS
This excellent decal sheet from Aztec Models allows us to make a lot of Argentine Naval Aviation Corsairs, and is available in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales.
With the high quality to which we are accustomed by the Mexican manufacturer, the two sheets have a very good registry and definition, including particularly the details in small naval badges.
Also offers anchors in all different sizes and shapes used by the Argentine Corsairs, so you just have to be very careful with the choice of corresponding to the selected model.
The set includes lots of letters and numbers, in white and black, which will allow us to combine them to perform almost any aircraft used by Argentine Naval Aviation. The only drawback may be to obtain the correct alignment of enrollments, consisting of four numbers and a letter. Also included are the small trademarks of the manufacturer of the propellers, and a detailed outline of the various ways in which they were painted. Instructions for applying the decals are formed by a double page, in full color, with color reference, complemented by a black and white page, detailing the operating career of 11 planes.
In summary, an excellent set, very well done.
Reference: 48/72-048 MALVINAS/FALKLANDS WAR, PART 1
This time, Aztec offers an impressive set of decals dedicated to Argentine and British airplanes and helicopters, which took part in the Malvinas/Falklands War of 1982.
Inside the transparent envelope, we find three sheets of decals (one dedicated entirely to enrollments, anchors and small signs in black), and three double-sided sheet of instructions, one of them in full color, with drawings of airplanes and Federal Standard references.
With his usual excellent quality, and very good details, the Mexican manufacturer allows us to perform several A-4 (B and Q), Pucara, M.IIIEA Mirage, Sea Harriers, Sea King, Wasp, Lynx and Canberra.
In summary, a very complete set of decals with the excellent quality to which we are accustomed.