This time Balkan Models offers a complete decal sheet that allows us to make several MiG-21 of the Croatian Air Force.
An excellent quality print and a very good registry on a thin support, the set allows us to make six different models, including three different camouflage schemes:
1-MiG-21bis. Nro.103 of the 1st. Sqn of the new Croatian Air Force. With this aircraft, belonged to the Yugoslav Air Force, Captain Ivan Selak defected and went over to the Croatian forces, flying from Uzice to Zagreb on May 15, 1992. The aircraft was painted in overall light gray, with the Yugoslav insignia overpainted in a darker gray tone. Then he added a plummeted knight's helm and the sign "Avenger of Vukovar" in the nose.
2-MiG-21bis Nro.102. Another plane from the Yugoslav Air Force, carried out to Split, Croatia, by Captain Ivica Ivandic on May 15, 1992. In 1994 it was repainted in green and light brown scheme, and named "Avenger of Dubrovnik".
3-MiG-21bis Nro.119. This one belonged to a group of MiGs bought from Ukraine, and was shot down on May 2, 1995 by Serbian anti-aircraft artillery on Bosanska Gradiska. Green and light brown camouflage.
4-MiG-21bis Nro.123. Similar to the previous one.
5-MiG-21bis Nro.115. Another aircraft purchased from Ukraine and modernized in Romania between 2002 and 2003, receiving a new camouflage color scheme with dark green, gray, khaki and light blue.
6-MiG-21bis Nro. 120. Similar to the previous one.
The kits from Zvezda and Fujimi are recommended by Balkan Models for these aircraft.
All colors are identified in RAL, FS, Revell, Humbrol, Model Master, Tamiya, Gunze Sangyo and Vallejo references, which is really very helpful to find the right colors.
Special thanks to Balkan Models for supporting our 26º Model Show and Contest!
Sergio Bellomo
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