In this article we show you the building of the A.R.A. Belgrano Light Cruiser, in 1:400 scale. The used material was basically evergreen sheets, except the deck that was made out of wood. Other used materials were wires, metallic paper clips and everything that can be useful... For the building planes of USS Helena were used (Brooklyn class light cruiser, as the Belgrano), adapting to the modifications that this model was needing especially.

In the following images show the first steps in the construction, the first one shows the hull. Then the beginning of the work in the superstructures, a detail of the bridge and the first pieces presented on the ship.

Now we can see the first pieces already finished, as for example the turrets, funnels and other components of the superstructures. Also we see the pieces presented in the ship and other details added in the deck, at this time with the protections of the secondary and anti-aircraft guns constructed.
What continues is an image in which we observe how it was necessary to correct mistake: you can see that the stern was modified in the sector of the hangar becuase the planes of USS Helena was not fitting with the Belgrano. For it the lining of wood was removed and replaced by a new one with the correct form.
Now more advanced in the building, we see the structures of the stern and bow fire controls finished. Also, the platform of the searchlights and the crane and, finally, the totality of the secondary and anti-aircraft armament.
Both images that continue show the masts finished and ready to paint and the Alouette III in identical situation.
Begins now the painting work. For it Humbrol's Light Grey (64) was used. To wearing the wood of the deck were used very diluted bitumen of judea. Also the base was constructed, and the ship in the same one to give an idea of how will be the final result.
The work of wearing was very limited because the totality of the consulted reference material was showing the Belgrano in general good state of conservation, so was chosen to realize rust only under the anchor and some drippings along the bands. Also you can see the Alouette III already painted and placed in its place.
Last works before the ending, placing the pieces at its definitive position.
Finally, the finished model: