Once again our friend Marcelo Morard kindly shared with us pictures of the festivals he frequents. In this case, brings us photos of the last of the International Old Timer Meeting (RIO) held in Ecuvillens, airfield of the city of Fribourg, where he lives. The 2011 edition was the last of the RIO festivals, and was a white Catalina the great guest, with an Avenger and an Antonov thtat's always present, the Stearman belongs to the airfield, as well as the WWII Fairchild and the Tiger Moth. The Pilatus PC9 are part of an acrobatic team formed by former Swiss military pilots, who still flying in those old flight trainers. For this event brought together the Oldtimer Car, which as you will appreciate, they are owners of old cars that are in an excellent state of preservation.