JUNKERS F13/W34/K43/JU52
Jorge Nuñez Padín
40 pages, black & white and color

Just another excellent monograph recently edited by Jorge Nuñez Padín, this time dedicated to telling the story of several models of aircraft produced in Germany by the famous firm of Hugo Junkers.
Starting with the small single-engine F-13, brought by the Germans in 1924, and ending with the last flight of a Ju-52/3m in 1963, the story also includes the little-known single-engine W-34 and K-43. The monograph includes all models of these aircraft were flown in Argentina, both for civil military use because they served with the Army Aviation Command, the Naval Aviation, Air Force, and the Aeroposta Argentina company and the Secretariate / Ministry of Agriculture.
Throughout 40 pages of excellent printing and with lots of photos, mostly unpublished, the authors J.C. Cicalesi and S. Rivas tell us in great detail, the life of this "family" of aircraft, all recognizable by their characteristic corrugated metal coating.
We can not fail to highlight the artwork of Javier Ruberto and Angel Bertogna, which provide an important touch of color, and show us various configurations of military and Aeroposta company Ju-52, an F-13 from the Army Aviation and a civil F-13 configured as a seaplane.
Without doubt, a very interesting work, both for fans of aviation history and modellers to, since all these aircraft are available in kits, the Ju-52/3m at various scales and markings, the F-13 from Revell in 1/72 and W-34/K43 of MPM, also in 1/72 scale.
Sergio Bellomo

The following Revell 1:72 Junkers F-13 were made by our friend Miguel Ludwig.