Kit Number: Trumpeter No. 05305 - USS England DE-635
Scale: 1:350
Contents: 200 gray plastic pieces; 1 PE fret; 1 decal sheet
Length: 266,4 mm.; Width: 32mm.

The USS England was one of the more than 100 Buckley class destroyer escort of the U.S. Navy during World War II, which were named in honor of the fallen men during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The England in particular had the record of having sunk six Japanese submarines in 12 days in May 1944. Many of these ships were decommissioned once the war ends or reclassified as high speed transport ship (APD).
The Trumpeter kit is good in general, and therefore represents an interesting model for those just starting in modelling as those with more experience. It also has to cover an empty space, as previously these vessels could be found only in resin or minor scales kits.
The total of 200 gray plastic pieces is distributed on four sprues, plus the hull (with the option of water line or full hull) and the deck. A sprue contains mainly parts for the bridge and the mast of the ship. In B sprue are the remaining superstructure, as well as those components are located above them, including the funnel and torpedo tubes. The C sprue contains all the vessel armament (main and secondary guns and depth charges), and other minor pieces and the nameplate of the ship. In turn, the kit contains two C sprues, which many pieces are left over and not used. The F sprue contains the basis for presenting the model in its full hull version.
As for PE, these are of good quality and easy handling and are confined to depth charges cages and radar. The decals may represent one of the few low points of this kit, not for the quality but for the fact that only contain one serial number limiting the ability to represent another ship of the Buckley class.
The assembly instructions are divided into 17 steps well explained and detailed, while the painting guide (with reference to the Gunze Sangyo colors) just illustrates the paint scheme of the USS England, offering no other versions, which increases the modeler need for research if he wants to represent another ship.
In conclusion, we can say that the Trumpeter kit is good in terms of its presentation, plastic injection quality and detail. As we said before, the absence is the lack of necessary elements to represent other ships of its class (serial numbers and painting guide).