Kit Number:

Bronco Models No. 35080 - M-1114 Up-armored tactical vehicle




233 beige plastic pieces; 13 clear plastic pieces; 1 PE fret; 1 decal sheet

The kit consists of 233 parts in light beige plastic, 13 in clear plastic, 74 etched parts and a decal sheet. We can find a high quality moulding and a high level of detail.
All the air vents are open and are complemented by PE parts, the main armament is a very detailed M2 .50cal HBMG or a Mk19 Grenade Launcher and additional armament consists of a AT4 84-mm unguided AT Weapon, M4 Carbine w/M203 Grenade Launcher and M4 Carbine plus a selection of ammo boxes for the Mk19, M2 and M4s.
Assembly instructions on 18 pages are worthy of comment, since they are an improvement over previous Bronco kits instructions. It is printed in full color, not only painting guide, but each part with its corresponding color. For example, the exhaust is printed in a rust color, seats in a khaki color, radiator and tires in black, inside the hatch and ammunition boxes in green, with references to Hobby Color Paint, Humbrol, Tamiya and Mr.Hobby.
The four assembly versions are detailed in full color illustrations of the vehicles indicating the exact location of all the decals.