· U.S. M38A1C with 106 mm. M40A1

AFV CLUB - 1:35

Kit Nro.:

AFV Club AF35S19  - U.S. M38A1C W/ M40A1 106 mm. RECOILLESS RIFLE




162 olivge drab plastic pieces; 5 clear pieces; 1 decal sheet

As a first impression we can speak of a good quality kit. This reissue of an old Skybow kit contains five sprues with 162 pieces molded in olive green, plus three clear parts. The model has a good well-detail drive train, suspension, and engine whose hood can be represented as open or closed. In addition to the recoilless rifle, includes .50 caliber ammunition spare tubes, and detailed M79 tripod that can be represented as ground mounted. The decals include options for two versions of the American Army, and one for the Marines, also the details of the dashboard are included. The assembly guide is clear and detailed.