Mig Jimenez visited Argentina for the first time, and as it should be, we went to Buenos Aires to attend the two master classes given at the Círculo Militar, on September 12 and 13. We congratulate our friends from the CAM for the event and for their efforts jointly with Claudio Monaquino and other colleagues to enable it, successfully developed and with the concurrence of modelers throughout the country, and around. As for the comments made by Mig, he has been surprised by the quantity and quality of modelers found in Argentina, getting a very good impression. Neither he knew what his job is known here and the expectation that his arrival had generated. The classes took place during both days and he explained his techniques and products, showing how to perform the work from the primer to the weathering. We could see how the surfaces are prepared and then how to simulate the chipping, drippings, oxides and other typical effects of the military vehicles, achieving realistic models. Upon completion of the classes, Mig friendly interacted with each of those who required it, proving to be a very pleasant and accessible person. It remains to highlight and thank again to our friends from the CAM for their efforts for this event, where we had the opportunity to enjoy a great weekend with many friends and hope that it can be repeated soon!