The intention of this project is to scratch build the battleship A.R.A. Moreno in 1:700 scale. For it I have used planes, drawings, photographies and other material that I have obtained in diverse web sites and publications.

Beginning the work

First, after translate the planes to the indicated scale, I copy them to an 1mm. evergreen sheet, and finally cut the pieces away and begin with the construction of the hull.

The following step was to place the keel and ribs to shape the "skeleton" of the hull, which was covered with 0.3mm evergreen sheets.

Main turrets

The following step was to construct the main turrets, beginning for its bases, which were placed in its site and then constructing each of the six turrets and adding some deck details and superstructures. In one of the following images you can see the size of the model (26 cm).

Deck and superestructures

It is now the moment to begin to construct the remaining superstructures and to add more deck details. In the following images you can see the stern mast finished, the reflectors' platforms and other pieces. Likewise, the secondary guns have been placed onto both sides of the ship.

Continuing with the work in the superstructures, which has been done it's to begin the construction of the funnels, and then the cagemast. For this one what I did was to construct in the first term the interior structure and then I covered it with a small plastic net to imitate the typical design of the cagemast.

Final steps before painting

The model is almost ready for painting. The base was constructed following the procedure that you can see in this LINK. Lion Roar PE were used for the rails and the cagemast and hull has been detailed. Only left a few minor details and then begin painting.

Finished model

These are the images of the model finished after seven months of work