Our friend Daniel Gonzalez from Rio Gallegos, tells the story of the Malvinas Argentinas Museum of that city, which will be reopened next year, where renovations currently being carried out. Daniel will present his models of the Malvinas war there, representing units of land, air and sea from both sides, trying to tell the story as objectively as possible.
He tells us that when he came to Rio Gallegos in 1996, the house operated as a museum, administered by the Argentine Army and attended by a woman, civilian employee, named Clara Estela Rodriguez. There comes the time of her retirement and the museum is closed for various reasons and enters in a long wait. All the material was removed from the house and preserved by the Army. The house is owned by the Government of the Province of Santa Cruz, and the possibility that it is intended for other functions or casual occupants, breaking, dismantling, looting or fire, Daniel, along with other war veterans decided to recuperate it, and there is now a Provincial Commission of War Veterans that assuming the recovery and reopening by the support of the Sub-Secretary of Provincial Government.
The house is completely remodeled as a showroom, library, cinema and meeting room, with a bathroom, kitchen, backyard with recreations of trenches and two pieces of 105mm. recoilless guns, a covered side yard for maintenance and refurbishment, access ramp, and Internet services.
The desire is to show the veteran's perspective and not from the "official history" documents, personal belongings, stories of veterans, war materials used, films, student support, and provide a cheaper option for the people of these latitudes and foreign visitors.
From the hobby and, with the "blessed coming out" of our national entrepreneurs modelers, in 2003 came the decals that allowed Daniel to adapt the kits and propose himself to get everything the plastic modeling offers and what not, do it in scratch, developing models of air, sea and land of the two countries in conflict. He also thanked family, friends, modelers, hobby local merchants, volunteers, the Legion of virtual friends and his fellow war veterans for the support.
Here we see pictures of the renovation of the museum today, waiting for its reopening next year.

Our friends of the Museum have sent us new pictures with the progress of the works at December 2010. We share with you.
More photos sent by our friends in October 2011: The paint jobs are ready and slowly the project approaches its final stage. Coming soon will add the museum pieces, and also develop a website for virtual tours.
Some of the models to be exhibited at the Museum by Daniel González can be viewed by CLICKING HERE