· M151A1 FORD MUTT - ACADEMY - 1:35
In this article we follow the step by step in the construction of this kit by Mario Borrelli. This is an entirely new model, redesigned, and contains a lot of options, upgrades and accessories that are not found in previous versions. The model incorporated changes for the Israel Defense Forces. The molding is made in good quality green plastic, and spread the pieces in four sprues, with the body of the vehicle as a separate component, plus a sprue containing the clear parts, the tires are molded in vinyl. There is a decal sheet for either a vehicle in 1982, or another since 1984. In conclusion is a good kit, ideal for those who like to assemble these vehicles.
Building the model
It began with the construction of the motor and its detailed, as seen in the photos below. Then it was mounted to the vehicle body and chassis, and started with assembly and painting of various parts. For general painting was used Matt Sand (63) of Humbrol, and Satin Oak (71) for the weathering.
In the following images we see more progress in the model assembling, with several of his pieces in place and a more advanced painting and weathering process. We can also see the preparation of the figures.
The finished model, with DML figures.