Juan Carlos Heredia from Aconcagua Resin Models tells us that they are proud to announce their next release, the product of more than three years of research, design and work dedicated to the most comprehensive 1:48 scale model of the FMA IA-58 Pucara.
An absolutely original model made with the guidance of authentic design planes of the historic FMA of Cordoba, to achieve the highest level of dimensional accuracy and realism embodied in more than one hundred parts of resin, metal and vacuuform complemented with photoetched parts for cockpit interiors and outside details, guns open compartments, optional armament with brackets for pumps, rockets, torpedo and fuel and napalm tanks, high level of realism landing gear and decals of high quality for more than eight numbers with alternate versions of all periods of service included the Malvinas War.
The box of the standard 1:48 FMA IA-58 Pucara kit includes:
All components of resin and white metal for the FMA IA-58 Pucara
Two transparent vacuuformed sets of cockpits and position and landing lights.
A PE set with 25 pieces for detailed panels, consoles, pedals, wipers, mirrors, ejection seats, wing plates, and slides with coloured instrumental.
Optional armament configuration consists of:
An Alkan 115E central support
Two TER Alkan 105E lateral supports
Four LAU-61 nineteen rockets supports
Three INC- NAPALM 220 kg. containers
Two 318 lts. additional fuel tanks
Decal sheet with complete stencils for the aircraft and weapons, and numbers with the following versions:
A-511 Malvinas 1982, light scheme, yellow stripes.
A-512 Comodoro Rivadavia 1982, light scheme.
A-512 III Brigada Aérea, Reconquista 2008, metallic scheme, the oldest "Puca" in the FAA, which bears the Malvinas emblem.
A-518 1980 desert scheme
A-522 Malvinas 1982, light scheme.
A-536 Malvinas 1982, dark scheme.
A-537 Malvinas 1982, that shot down a Scout helicopter.
A-549 Malvinas 1982, light scheme.
Manual with assembly and painting instructions.
In addition, Aconcagua also added the ability to add four additional sets to expand and complement the family of the 1: 48 IA-58 Pucara.
Set 1: Pucará "Torpedero", that includes the decals for the prototype AX-04 and the resin parts for the MK-13 torpedo
Set 2: Pucará "Charli", with the decals and resin parts for the single-seater version of Pucara "C" AX-06
Set 3: Pucará "CEV", with decals for the A-561 from the CEV and resin pieces for the RPV of the “Halcón del Sur” Project.
Set 4: Pucará “Bombero”, includes one MER support and six PG130kg general-purpose bombs with the respective decal sheet.
The kit is available for purchase on September 1, 2009.
Preorders for reserves are accepted, and the price for Argentina is $ (Pesos) 239.00.
Consult for abroad delivery.
At that date will also be available the first additional set, Pucara Torpedero, ($ 30.00).
Juan Carlos Heredia soon be sending more pictures with the step by step assembly to assess in detail every piece.

Contact: aconcagua_rm@yahoo.com.ar