In this article we present a walkaround at the A.R.A. San Juan submarine. The photos were taken during the visit realized to the Mar del Plata Naval Base in occasion of our contest 2007.
Technical specifications:
Class: TR 1700
Displacement: Surfaced: 2116 Tn - Submerged: 2264 Tn
Dimensions: Length: 65 Mts. - Resistent hull diameter: 7 Mts
Propulsion: 4 Diesel engines MTU 16 V 6720 HP. 4 alternators 4,4 Mw. VARTA Batteries (960 elements) Electrical Propulsion Engine (MEP) 6,6 Mw.
Armament: 6 Torpedoes tubes at bow - SST-4 wire driven torpedoes. Depth charges.