I started from the base of the Marder 1A2 from Tamiya (kit No. 35162), which derives our TAM.
I used the whole bottom of it, cutting side fenders, and making several cuts on top of the body, according to photos of the actual tank, downloaded from internet in a prolonged investigation.
I used 1mm thick plasticard, which can be clearly seen in the photos because the dark green color kit.
The turret is entirely scracth built, except the base, which is taken from a Leopard A4, also from Tamiya (kit No. 35112). Additional fuel tank is made ​​off the Leopard extendable turret and other homemade parts complete the model.
The gun barrel is made ​​of turned aluminum tube, wich is used in gas kitchens, which gives the right size (see different measures, and adapt it to the scale).
For inquiries, this is my mail: cpebenito906@yahoo.com.ar
In closing, I encourage anyone who wants to build a TAM model, based on the same basis that I used, counseling, as a fundamental premise, get as many photos and info as possible, and carrying measures to the corresponding scale.
With patience and dedication, you will achieve a good result!
As additional data, with the remaining parts of the two aforementioned kits, I built an armored "prototype", which was very interesting, and will be subject of a future article.
Greetings to all and thank you very much for letting me share with you my humble work.

Cristian Benito