Published by elSnorkel.com
270 pages, black and white

Published in September 2009 by Daniel Mesa, director of elSnorkel.com, this book that gather the works of Francesco Tamburini, Roberto Veronica Iñurrieta and Roberto Paz, tell the story of the first submarines that served in Argentina: the "Tarantinos".
Through its pages the works of these authors, independent but interrelated, illustrate the events that led to the incorporation of the submarine weapon in our country, from the precursors to the creation of the Mar del Plata Naval Base and the arrival of the ARA Santa Fe, Salta and Santiago del Estero, which served in the force until 1960. In turn, the book relate the details of the issuance of the ships building to the Italian shipyards "Franco Tosi" in Taranto -hence the submarine’s name-, all of this without neglecting the technical aspects of the units, and well accompanied by a photographic material of incalculable value for the modeler and anyone who want to deepen their knowledge of these ships.
Also, this work contains an unavoidable reference to the development of local diving between 1933 and 1960, which has always been closely related to the Submarine Force.
In addition, the book draws on anecdotes and memories of former crew members and all kinds of historical material such as vintage newspaper clippings that depict the arrival of the "Tarantinos" to our country, among other things. In conclusion, this book offers a comprehensive overview about the beginnings of the submarine weapon in Argentina, recommended for all those enthusiasts of the topic and for modelers, who may find in its pages essential reference material to create a model of one of these ships. You can get more information by visiting