In IPMS Mar del Plata we bet for the expansion of modeling in the younger children. In that way we support a proposal made by the director of the Institute "Julio Verne", María Vigil, for a fantasy vehicles contest, imagined by the great French writer who described amazing machines in their sci-fi adventure, which will be built by students.
On Thursday August 18 we gave two conferences to the children, in the morning and afternoon, with kids 6-12 years, where we describe techniques, materials and literature approached them for the making of the models made of plastic, paper, aluminum or other painted materials. Also we gave them texts written by members of Mar del Plata IMPS describing general modeling recommendations.
The idea is to bring them slowly to the construction of scale models and step back to read the classics of literature. In October will be the contest, and juries of the IPMS Mar del Plata will award the best works. Good luck María!