Is a nonprofit institution whose purpose is to bring together plastic modelers of the city and the region, achieving greater prestige for the activity. Founded on September 7, 1985, is currently the oldest IPMS group in continued activity in Argentina.
IPMS acronym corresponds to the meaning of "International Plastic Modelers Society". Its origin dates back to 1963 in the UK, achieving rapid and widespread dissemination throughout the world, creating groups with the same characteristics in those countries where the plastic modeling took root and coming to our country in the '80s, where we were pioneers.

Is a derivation of modeling, which includes different modalities (eg, radio control models, model railroads, etc.), and differs from these in that it focuses on building static scale models of all types of machinery, vehicles, airplanes, ships, figures and more, always using the plastic and its derivatives as raw material for modeling.
Is an intrinsic feature of this activity not only the fidelity to the original model, but the historical accuracy of it. This makes the modeler should delve into historical research when assembling his model to achieve this fidelity we name and gives the modeling the importance of being diffuser of historical and cultural knowledge.

As we stated earlier, the objective of the IPMS Mar del Plata focuses on grouping plastic modelers of the city and surroundings, always in the context of camaraderie and brotherhood that characterizes this hobby, while closer relations with modelers and associations in the country and abroad.
Since its founding in 1985, our institution holds meetings open to the public. There, the partners exchange views and experiences related to the modeling, which leads to the improvement of the activity, and training to younger modelers or to who just started in this hobby.
However, not only the activity limits at the weekly meetings but, in accordance with the main rules of this hobby, annually holds regional contests and shows. These involve modelers from around the country and even abroad, where their models are massively exposed to the public. These meetings allow us to strengthen ties of friendship with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, while serving as a promotion of our city for those who visit us and dissemination of this activity of important educational and cultural value.
Throughout its existence, the IPMS Mar del Plata has organized every year these regional meetings, and has hosted the IPMS Argentina national conventions in 1987, 1992, 1994, 1997 and 2005. We also have the privilege of being the organizer and host of the first Pan American Contest developed in our city in 1997. In 2010, the institution celebrated its 25th anniversary, carrying out the largest gathering contest that year in Argentina. Furthermore, since 2011, the events are characterized by the presence of modellers from abroad, visiting us colleagues from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Colombia and Venezuela.

Since its founding, our group carried out these annual meetings where, as already explained, modelers from around the country and abroad visit us and expose and compete with their models.
Usually the activity is carried out for an entire weekend, beginning on Saturday morning and concluding on Sunday afternoon. The exhibition is open to the public with free admission, being able to appreciate not only the models exhibited, but also the offer of traders linked to the activity, which year after year are with us.
Upon receipt of the contestants models, these are divided in their respective categories, and subsequently evaluated by judges with full knowledge on the subject. The best works are awarded, giving the distinction to the corresponding author. Also tours and visits to interest places in our city for the contestants are organized.
However the competition held, the purpose of the meeting is to deepen the relationship with other persons engaged in this activity, while it bring the hobby to the local public, attracting the interest of people of all ages.
All of this, plus the social nature of the activity, has led to recognition of the municipal authorities, obtaining several awards.

Whether as an institution or through our partners, we have been involved in various events related to the static modeling, not only in organizing the meetings referenced above, but also by participating in numerous activities of all kinds, from publications, participation in exhibitions and tributes, and more.
Among them, for example, we can mention as achievements of IPMS Mar del Plata, the following ones:
• Publication of quarterly Technical Bulletins.
• Participation in national and international publications.
• Participation in local and national television shows promoting the hobby.
• Bilingual Website, constantly growing and updating since 1998.
• Partners rewarded for their models in various national and international contests.
• Unique grouping of the country with members accredited as international judges, merit obtained in the IPMS USA National Convention, held in Miami in 1990.
• Tourism ambassadors appointed by the EMTUR, in occasion of the participation in the Static Modeling Contest hosted by IPMS Uruguay in Montevideo in 1997.
• Contests sponsored by major local, national and international commercial firms, with media coverage from home and abroad.
• Contests declared as cultural and tourism attractions in 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996,1997, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
• Contests sponsored by the Secretary of Education and Culture of General Pueyrredón Town Hall in 1988 and 1989.
• Exhibition of models at various events, including:
- Exhibition of Naval Modeling developed by the Yacht Club Argentino, from September 6 to 13, 2008.
- Aerplata Exhibition '97, held at the local airport.
- Tribute to Veterans of the Malvinas War, X Anniversary of Fire Baptism of the Argentinean Air Force, developed from April 23 to May 3, 1992.
- Tribute to the Public Library in 1989.
- Arts Week organized by the Juan B. Justo School, in September 1988
- Hundredth Anniversary of the Banco Hipotecario Nacional, from October 6 to 10, 1986.
- Exhibition of models at various open door days held by the Argentine Navy.
- Models donated by the IPMS Mar del Plata and exhibited permanently in the Submarine Force Museum.

In October 2011 our group was formally designated as National Body of IPMS. This means that is officially recognized by IPMS UK and becomes the main national group, being designated as IPMS ARGENTINA and formally authorized for the use of the initials and emblem that characterizes this community of modelers around the world, being able to give official recognition to local branches.

As detailed above, the IPMS Mar del Plata - Argentina, is a nonprofit institution. Composed of partners with an interest related to the static model, and whose contribution through monthly fees provide the funds necessary for the proper development of the activity.
Were the founding members on 7 September 1985, the following persons, many of them still remain part of the group: Ricardo Assali, Eduardo Fernández, Oscar Filippi, Eduardo Mereghetti, Andres Pereira Barreto, Enrique Reyes, Michael Rivard, Ruben Vulcano.

As we narrate in the previous paragraph, the IPMS Mar del Plata continues its activity and has just celebrated its 25th anniversary. The following ones are only some of the members, many of them are founder members or with more than twenty years in the group. We invite you to navigate this web and see the models that they build.
Carlos Acuña
Ricardo Assali
Sergio Bellomo
Mario Borrelli
Gabriel Casalnuovo
Alejandro Elizarriaga
Santiago Ezcurra
Jorge Fano
Eduardo Fernández
Adrián Giambelluca
Franco Giusto
Daniel González
Jorge Guglielmi
José Luis Larrañaga
Marcelo Lorenzo
Sebastián Lucas
Eduardo Luna
Luis Moretti
Andrés Pereira Barreto
Diego Rodríguez
Daniel Roselli
Pablo Ruiz
Diego Saldaña
Guillermo Salzano
Héctor Santanera
Alan Torres
Alejandro Travasso
Juan Vasquez
Rubén Velazquez
Martín Vicente
Jose Luis Vigovich
Raul Wright
Ricardo Caballero Erick Caldas Orson Guerere Miguel Ludwig
Currently the Steering Committee is composed as follows

Every Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. the IPMS Mar del Plata members meets at our model workshop, at the "Fundación Acordar", located at 3248 Independencia Av. Here the members, between other things, exhibit the models to our friends and interchange ideas and opinions related to this hobby. Also are always welcome the new modelers interested in be inserting in the world of the plastic modeling and in to be able to learn and to share experiences with other persons with the same interests. Please contact us and join us!
Also, you can find us every Saturday at noon in the café "LA CAMPIÑA" located at the intersection of the Diagonal Pueyrredón St. and La Rioja St., in our city.
And certainly never lacks the opportunity to enjoy other moments out of the meetings, savouring a barbecue…

By CLICKING HERE you can visit our site on Facebook and view images of the meetings.

We invite you to join the IPMS Mar del Plata.