· AVIA B-35
Kopro - 1:72 - Sergio Bellomo

In the late 30s, the Czech factory AVIA designed a new fighter plane, which was to replace the traditional biplanes Avia B-534 to equip the air force of that country. The resulting Avia B-35.1, was an elegant low-wing monoplane, plant elliptical, with the cab closed and fixed landing gear with the rear fuselage built in plywood. The engine was a Hispano Suiza 12y, driving a propeller-bladed, and gave the game a maximum speed of 480 km / h, a range of 550 km. and a service ceiling of 8500 m. The fighter was armed with two 7.62 mm machine guns Vz.30. on the engine, and we tested several models of propellers, both metal and wood.
The second prototype, called B-35.2, had the rear of the fuselage covered with fabric, plus some changes in details, not carrying weapons, while the third, and final, had a landing gear that resulted retractile. From this stemmed the Avia B-135, and a small serie was produced for Bulgaria.

The Model
The 1975 Kopro’s kit represents the B-35.1 in a very elementary way. Based on found photographs, I built the cabin in scracth, with stretched sprue for the reticulated of the fuselage. The main flaw in my model was the propeller, which was very distorted, so I decided to build a modified propeller of a Gladiator.
As for the colorful paint scheme, I used Humbrol colors, 129 on the bottom surface, and 93, 105 and 98 for the top.
Based on the B-35.1 pictures that I found, I decided to skip the code "S.3" from the fuselage and the radio antenna, as these appear only when the aircraft was fitted with a metal propeller.

While the kit is very basic, let me make a colorful paint scheme (and fairly hard to achieve!), and a truly weird model, a little out of the usual Messerschmitt, Spitfire and Mustang.