Academy - 1:72 - Sergio Bellomo
The Argentine Navy acquired about 120 Texan, who were employed between 1947 and 1969 in various squadrons as training aircraft, attack and general purpose. Some were navalized to operate from the aircraft carrier ARA Independencia, receiving reinforcements in the landing gear and a brake hook. The plane represented is the 3-A-307, belonging to the 3rd. Naval Air Attack Squadron. The interior is made entirely in scratch. The decals are from Aerocalcas and painting is basically Humbrol 154, with some details in matt black Humbrol 33.
The following images correspond to the SNJ-5 Texan 3-A-304 found in the Museum of Naval Aviation at the Comandante Espora Base, and were taken by our partner Sergio Bellomo, author of the model, in December 2009.