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01 - 27 - 2014
Dear friends, in November 2013 we attended the 50th Anniversary of the INTERNATIONAL PLASTIC MODELLERS SOCIETY, which was held at the traditional annual convention at Teldford, UK. Thus, through our partners Orson Guerere and Ricardo Caballero, IPMS Argentina - Mar del Plata participated in the most important IPMS convention worldwide. Orson exhibited his models, and Ricardo presented the commemorative plaque specially sent from Argentina together with our friends from IPMS Neuquén and IPMS Lomas de Zamora, to congratulate the British colleagues on the occasion of its anniversary. In the photos below, corresponding to IPMS UK Magazine November / December 2013 on its "Special 50th Anniversary Issue" you can see Mr. Phil Cater holding the plate next to the IPMS UK president, Mr Paul Reagan, both in yellow shirt and with representatives of other branches and SIGs, meeting for the first time to celebrate this important date. This participation also adds to that made by our friend José Luis Crespo, from IPMS Neuquén, in August 2013 attended the annual convention of IPMS USA, which in turn gave out another acknowledgment sent by IPMS Argentina - Mar del Plata, in return for the special prize sent by them for our last contest, and as greeting for the 50 years that will celebrate the American colleagues this year.